Friday, January 30, 2009

My Friday

I don't do much other then work, knit, cook and clean so on my Fridays I really let loose!

Nope total lie; I spend my Friday nights exactly where I spend my Friday days. In front of my computer, either working or knitting. Tonight is no different. I'm knitting, and having a Damages-a-thon on Hulu. I love hulu. I don't think I could knit for nearly as long without it.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a look into my life, but only a little peek.

My current project. Nothing to fancy, just my Knit Headscarf. I'm trying to be all artsy with my photos. Never you worry, my Etsy listings will be as pure as possible. No fancy color saturation, or anything. I just try to keep it as true as possible.

HI! Here I am! This is my "office." Well, it's something anyway. Hell, a week ago I had my desk in the kitchen. We don't really have much in the way of office space in the house, so we've set up shop in the garage. Well, it was originally a garage, I mean, I'm sure it was at some point. But the previous owner of the house decided to change all that. He put a false wall (behind me) and COVERED the whole room in that sexy wood paneling. He put it everywhere in the house. Pain in the ass, we've been piece-by-piece tearing it all down. Anyway, this is my setup. Here you see my super cool "current projects" basket. As you can see I'm using my DPN's all wrong, but heck, just put stoppers on them, and they are a convenient travel size. Perfect for travel, and they are exactly the right size to make my headscarves with. My super sweet laptop; and my second monitor is off to the side. I just can't function without a dual monitor setup. Hey, how do you dig those kickin-rad headphones! In a lovely shade of pea green, these are the most comfortable headphones I have EVER owned. I spend ALL day with these things on. During the day I do TPV for telemarketing calls, and when I'm done working I am studying to be a Medical Transcriptionist, so my afternoons are spent typing what mush mouth doctors are saying.

My View.

There is much more of the sexy wood paneling. Here you can see that I'm totally working hard. Etsy Shop, on one monitor and Damages on the other. Just past that you can see Tim's desk. 2 monitors aren't nearly enough for him, he's got 3.

Anyway, that's me. That's what I've got going on. The Jazzy behind the computer. Chances are I'm here, wearing my headphones, and knitting, or looking up delicious recipes online. I hope everyone's having a good Friday, stay warm, and have fun!


  1. Hehe your Friday nights sound about as exciting as mine lol!!


  2. cool pic of office--now i gotta ck out hulu!

  3. I had a look at 'damages', i dont watch telly, but that looks interesting!
    My friday And my saturday nights i spent infront of my computer or my sewing machine and i love it, or im watching some movie..

    Its fun to see other peoples workspaces and i kindof like the wood panelling, has some charm to it!

  4. I'm thinking I need some headphones while working on my computer! Knitting is such a talent, I envy everyone, as I sit looking at my poor attempt, almost 4 years ago and a half finished baby blanket:(